The Different Types of Window Styles

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Window Installation Peninsula County

There is no need to be fret about what type of Window Installation Peninsula County is needed because knowing the various types of windows makes it easier to shop for just the right one. Factors to consider when thinking about style and type include things like size and shape. For instance, basement windows are smaller than regular windows and, as a necessity, open differently than other windows. And, bay area windows are often styled differently than other areas of a home. So, take a look at these window styles to learn more about them.

Casement Windows

Window Installation Peninsula County

Casement windows are attached to one hinge and they swing outward when opened. It opens from the side instead of up and down.

Awning Windows

Awning windows look like what the name suggests when they are open. They are on a single hinge opening outward and up.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are generally use to allow for better ventilation. It is comprise of two separate sashes that can be raised and lowered. It works with the temperatures outside to make a difference inside. Raising the lower sash allows a cooler breeze to enter and lowering the upper sash will pull the hot air spun by the breeze of the ceiling fan outside.

Single Hung Windows

A single hung window has only one sash, but it looks much like a double hung window. It opens by raising up vertically.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows contain two different sashes, but only one of them slides back and forth to open. The other side remains in a fixed position.

Bay and Bow Windows

These windows are typically found in bay areas of a home and extend outward, enhancing the view. They can be either angled or curved, but the function of them is the same.

Shaped Windows

Shaped windows can come in a variety of shapes; including square, rectangular, circular, and hexagonal. The can be placed by themselves in places like the attic or be used as an accent pieces on things like doors or above other windows in the home.

Once aware of the different styles of window installation in Peninsula County, it is time to consider the type of window to be installed. Being aware of the type is important in order to ensure the right fit has been found. Regardless of the style, each type of window can have a different function.

Window Installation Peninsula County

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows do not open. The purpose of a fixed window is only to maximize the amount of natural light. They are often combined with other products such as doors or beside a door in an entryway.

Custom Windows

Custom windows do not look or function like other windows. They are designed specifically to meet the needs or style of the home or building in which they will be placed.

Specialty Windows

Specialty windows are not quite the same thing as a custom window. They have unique functionality and operate differently than most windows.

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